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Environmental Footprint

Iplex recognises the importance of water infrastructure and irrigation projects for Australia’s future and has developed proven capabilities in this area.

Plastic has become the material of choice for water, sewage and gas pipes across Australia and around the world. New developments have increased the performance and environmental advantages of these pipes.
Iplex Pipelines is at the forefront of these developments. At Iplex Pipelines we continually research, develop and test products to efficiently manage waste and conserve precious resources.
An example is OPVC, a stronger, more impact resistant version of PVC, which enables more materially efficient pipes to be manufactured.
The benefits of these pipes were demonstrated on the Darling Anna project to pipe open water channels that have resulted in savings of up to 85% of the available water previously lost to seepage and evaporation.
PVC pipes and fittings supplied by Iplex Pipelines have long service lives, typically in excess of 100 years. Therefore, it is expected that little pipe product will reach the end of its service in the near future. Nevertheless, Iplex has initiated with a Sydney based recycling company, a program whereby pipe recovered from demolition and construction waste (and other suitable PVC-U material), is transformed into a form suitable for reprocessing into the core of sandwich construction pipes for non-pressure applications. Advice can be sought from Iplex regarding the recycling of used PVC-U provided the form, cleanliness and quantities are such that the process is economically viable.
For the latest information about the manufacture and use of plastic pipelines and their low impact on the environment visit PIPA at http://www.pipa.com.au/Environment.html
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