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K2 Hot and Cold Water Plumbing

The evolution of hot and cold water plumbing materials have been the result of demand for improvements in performance and ease of installation. 

The plumbing industry has moved from lead to galvanised iron, then to copper. Iplex K2™ PE-X system is the move for the future. 

Iplex K2™ pipe is manufactured from high-density polyethylene that has been modified during manufacturing to produce cross-linked polyethylene PE-X. Iplex K2™ is joined together with a high integrity DR brass crimp fitting.
This product can be used for hot and cold plumbing in domestic or commercial situations.
The Iplex K2™ PE-X pipes and fittings system should be installed in accordance with the relevant requirements in AS/NZS 3500 part 1, 4 & 5. The system is intended for use by licensed plumbing tradesmen.
The Iplex K2™ PE-X pipes and fittings system offers an integrated system that is flexible enough to be bent by hand, is extremely light weight, corrosion resistant and eliminates water hammer noise. No brazing or soldering is necessary.
Installation of Iplex K2™ should be carried out by a qualified, licensedtrades-person in accordance with Iplex K2™ Installation Guidelines. However, the installer should be aware of the requirements of the National Plumbing and Drainage Code (AS/NZS 3500 parts 1,4 & 5) as well as Local Authority codes and by-laws that are relevant to plumbing which take precedence over these guidelines in any area where they are at variance. 

One of the main advantages of the Iplex K2™ system is its ability to absorb water hammer and flow noises. An effective and secure jointing system is an integral feature of Iplex K2™, guaranteeing that the product is tamper proof and extremely quick to install.

Never before has there been a system that is easier to install.

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