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BlackMAX and SewerMAX



Polypropylene Pipes and Fittings for Non-Pressure Applications

Iplex Pipelines Australia Pty Ltd is a major Australian manufacturer and supplier of plastic pipes and fittings suitable for civil, plumbing, irrigation, industrial and mining applications. As a leader in plastic pipe technology, Iplex Pipelines has continued to develop innovative products offering solutions for the demanding service and environmental needs of today. To meet these requirements, Iplex has introduced BlackMAX™ for stormwater   drainage and low head irrigation and SewerMAX™ for gravity sewer pipelines.

BlackMAX™ and SewerMAX™ are cost-effective alternatives to rigid pipe materials, with improved performance and exceptional durability. They do not corrode and they resist abrasion in applications, which severely limit the life of more traditional materials.
The profile wall structure allows an efficient use of material and provides a pipe with high ring stiffness and low mass. As a result pipes are only a fraction of the weight of conventional materials and can readily withstand both installation and service loads.
Both BlackMAX™ and SewerMAX™ pipes are available in diameters DN225, DN300, DN375, DN450, DN525 and DN600 with a minimum pipe stiffness of not less than, 8000 N/m.m or SN8 for BlackMAX™ and 10000 N/m.m or SN10 for SewerMAX™. 
BlackMAX™ and SewerMAX™ pipes and fittings are suitable for the following applications:
  • Stormwater drainage pipelines
  • Estuarine and Ocean outfalls
  • Road culverts
  • Gravity Sewer mains
  • Low head Irrigation
  • Rehabilitation (as liner pipe)
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Leachate collection
  • Stormwater retention systems


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