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The Iplex EZIpit™ is a real breakthrough in sewer technology, allowing a total plastic sewer system.  The environmental, technical and economical demands from water authorities for a water tight, corrosion resistant, stable and durable sewer system are now a reality, with the Iplex EZIpit™. 

  The Iplex EZIpit™ provides considerable benefits over traditional
  concrete systems, especially where access is difficult or
  environmental issues are a concern.  The EZIpit™ can be handled
  without heavy lifting equipment and can be installed at the same
  time as the sewer pipes. 
  As a result substantial cost savings in plant and labour can be
  achieved and risks associated with open excavation minimised.
  The EZIpit™ base and shaft components provide high resistance to
  infiltration and as a consequence a reduction in peak flows.  This
  results in cost savings for treatment and disposal. 
  The EZIpit™ base and shaft are made of polypropylene, which
  provides high resistance to chemical attack and ensures a long
  service life.


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