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SewerPlex NuSewer System

SewerPlex is a co-extruded PE100 / SDR21 polyethylene pipe with a grey
external skin and natural (white) internal surface. It is supplied in DN110,
160 and 250 sizes for gravity sewer applications.
SewerPlex pipe and fittings are joined using the electrofusion process
(couplings, saddles and end caps).
SewerPlex was developed during 2006 to satisfy the requirements of Brisbane
City’s NuSewer standard.
The fully welded joint system is designed to eliminate infiltration by storm and
ground water, and tree root intrusion issues that were historically a common
cause of failure in non-polymer sewer pipe systems.
The system virtually eliminates manholes and allows for both vertical and
horizontal bends in sewers. Non-entry maintenance shafts are provided to
permit jet-rodding of sewers to remove blockages whilst each property
connection is made using an inspection, sediment trap. 
Other councils throughout Australia are evaluating its success and may
in time adopt Brisbane’s NuSewer standard.

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