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Sewer Products

DWV Pipe and Fittings

Iplex Pipelines PVC-U Drain Waste & Vent (DWV) system is one of the most comprehensive on the market. ...

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BlackMAX and SewerMAX

BlackMAX™ and SewerMAX™ are cost-effective alternatives to rigid pipe materials, with improved performance and exceptional durability. They do not corrode and they resist abrasion in applications, which severely limit the life of more traditional mat ...

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Crevet Low Noise Cast Iron Epoxy lined drainage system ...

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he Iplex EZIpit™ is a real breakthrough in sewer technology, allowing a total plastic sewer system. The environmental, technical and economical demands from water authorities for a water tight, corrosion resistant, stable and durable sewer system are n ...

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SewerPlex NuSewer System

SewerPlex is a co-extruded PE100 / SDR21 polyethylene pipe designed for gravity sewer applications. ...

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Flowtite GRP Pipe Systems

Australian Manufactured GRP pressure and non pressure pipe ...

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Stainless Steel Clamps

Iplex offer a range of Stainless Steel Clamps for multiple applications. ...

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Iplex ProPlex PE SWV fittings are suitable for buried non-pressure applications. Typical applications include gravity and industrial sewer mains. ...

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GATIC has been specialising in the manufacture and marketing of access covers and gratings since 1937. With over 50 years of foundry experience and large manufacturing and distribution network, GATIC is well placed at the forefront of the industry for pr ...

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