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Water Supply Products

ApolloBLUE PVC-O Pressure

Iplex ApolloBLUE™ Premium is a bi-axially oriented PVC pressure pipe for use in water supply infrastructure. Iplex manufactures the pipe using two new processes known as Biax Extrusion and Super Socketing, both of which are patented. This method of prod ...

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RHINO PVC-M Pressure Pipe

Modified PVC is similar in composition to the traditional PVC pressure pipe that has been used in Australia for the past forty years. The difference is that an impact modifier has been added to alter the fracture mechanism, so the material behaves in a du ...

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Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings

Polyethylene (PE) has become one of the most widely used and versatile of all plastic pipe systems. ...

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PVC-U Pressure Pipe and Fittings

Iplex PVC-U pressure pipes and comprehensive range of fittings. ...

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Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings

For more than a quarter of a century Iplex has been involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of Civil Products. These products include pipes, fittings, valves and accessories ranging in size from DN80 – DN750. We also stocks products for joi ...

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K2 Hot and Cold Water Plumbing

Iplex K2™ pipe is manufactured from high-density polyethylene that has been modified during manufacturing to produce cross-linked polyethylene PE-X. Iplex K2™ is joined together with a high integrity DR brass crimp fitting. ...

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Flowtite GRP Pipe Systems

Australian Manufactured GRP pressure and non pressure pipe ...

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AVK Ductile Iron Valves

A large range of Ductile valves, hydrants, couplings and accessories. ...

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Crevet SL Lightweight Ductile Fittings

Lightweight, Compact, Ductile Iron Fittings ...

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Pro-Fit Hot and Cold Water System

The evolution of hot and cold water plumbing materials have been the result of demand for improvements in performance and ease of installation. ...

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Stainless Steel Clamps

Iplex offer a range of Stainless Steel Clamps for multiple applications. ...

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The MILNES® brand name has been in the industry for more than 50 years. The range of products are for use on water supply, irrigation and plumbing pipelines. ...

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