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Training and Accreditation

Installation of Iplex K1 should be carried out by a qualified, licensed gasfitter. A licensed gas fitter must also have successfully completed the Iplex K1 gas training course and have been accredited by Iplex Pipelines.

Note: installation of the Iplex K1 gas system must be in accordance with Iplex Pipelines' training course and guidelines. The installer should also ensure the requirements of the Gas Installation Code (AS5601) are adhered to. The Local Authority codes and by-laws relevant to gas installation may take precedence where they are at variance.

An official accreditation card will be supplied upon successful completion of both the theoretical and practical training.

To access the Iplex Pipelines K1 Gas Installation training course, fill in this K1 Gas Training form and a local Iplex representative will contact you.

K1 Gas Training Form

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