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New Products

Micro tunnelling technology has developed rapidly in recent years and reached a high standard worldwide because it is environmentally friendly and cost effective. Micro tunnelling projects to be successful require high-quality, high strength jacking pipes, which are easy to install.

Iplex Pipelines have formed a partnership with Meyer Pipes GmbH (Established in Germany 1985), to become the Australian supplier for Meyer Pipes polymer concrete subterranean infrastructure. 
Features and Benefits of Meyer Polycrete jacking Pipes.
  • High compressive strength = high jacking force and maximum safety.
  • Steel guide collar = maximum safety during jacking.
  • Smooth, even, non-absorbing outer pipe surface = reduces friction.
  • Parallel pipe ends = uniform distribution of jacking forces.
  • High dimensional accuracy = no ovality, tight joints and perfectly matching pipes.
  • Elasticity = reduced point loading and risk of rupture.
  • Low weight = ease of installation.
  • Adaptable dimensions = suitable for all micro tunnelling and jacking equipment.
  • Complete system = reinforced concrete insertion and reception shafts, Polycrete jacking pipes and Polycrete system manholes all from the same supplier.
  • Smooth, even inner surface = high flow rate
  • High corrosion resistance = reliability throughout a long service life.

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