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Training and Accreditation

Iplex Irrigation division offers a range of irrigation product and design training courses to support our loyal clients. Courses are generally conducted over either 1 or 2 days and are tailored to suit the requirements and skills of participants.

Our irrigation design training courses provide the attendees with practical skills to assist in the design of water transfer pipelines and the design of a range of irrigation methods.
Please contact your local Iplex Irrigation Area Manager to discuss your training requirements.
Course content is selected from the following:
- Units of measure:
- Steps to a Quality Design:
  • Procedures and Forms to assist 
- Irrigation overview: How Much & How Often
  • Explanation of plant moisture needs,
  • Soil types, texture and structure.
  • Soil moisture holding capacity, evaporation and crop factors 
- Identifying Customer Needs:
  • Questions to ask
  • Obtaining the right information
  • Agreed design principle
- Measuring Sites & Preparing Plans:
  • Collecting accurate site information
  • Available measuring equipment
  • Utilising GPS, Altimeters, Contour Maps & Aerial Images
  • CAD software and how to prepare site plans 
- PVC & Poly Pipelines:
  • Different types, design life, classes and pressure ratings
  • Safety factors, temperature effects and deratings
  • Understanding pipelines: Dangers & Failures. Thrust Blocks 
- Pipeline Design - Hydraulics:
  • Principles, Formulas
  • Reading friction charts, flow rates, friction loss
  • Velocity, velocity limits, velocity head
  • Calculating losses in pipelines and fittings
  • Air valves, K Factors 
- Hydraulics:
  • Total Head Calculations for pressurised irrigation systems
  • Example Centre Pivots, Travellers, Fixed Sprinklers 
- Application Rates / Flow Rates:
  • Calculating flow rates to match moisture / area requirements 
- System Capacity:
  • Ensuring the irrigation system has reserve application capacity 
- Pump Principles:
  • Types, selection, efficiency, speed, NPSHR
  • Duty and Non-overload power requirements
  • NPSHA: Pump suction design & selection to avoid cavitation
 - Running Costs:
  • The importance of running costs
  • How to calculate electric & diesel pump running costs
  • Diesel engine selection 
- Storage Tank and Stock Water Design:
  • Calculating daily requirements, storage requirements
  • Calculating daily stock and trough requirements
  • Calculating flow rates and pipe sizing
  • Calculating expected flow rates from pipelines under gravity 
- Terrain Profile and Hydraulic Gradients:
  • Plotting distance against height to show profile
  • Plotting pipe pressure to reveal high/low pressure points 
- Quotations and Professional Presentation
  • Presenting your offer for a competitive advantage 

Accredited Irrigation Industry Training 

Iplex Irrigation division is also a keen supporter of the Accredited Irrigation Industry Training that is undertaken by Irrigation Australia Limited, which is the representative body for those involved with the irrigation industry.
Iplex Pipelines is one of 10 industry manufacturers that provide financial and technical support to the IAL for their annual Irrigation Retail Training Course. This includes providing a technical coordinator for the two week duration of each course, to pass on practical experience to attendees.
This course forms part of the IAL Certified Irrigation Retailer Program. 
For further information on the training conducted by Irrigation Australia Limited, please refer to their website via the following link:
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