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Iplex Pipelines has a long standing reputation for providing technical support to customers and design consultants through our technical design guides, website, sales engineers and design tool software. Iplex has recognised a need to migrate hard copy and PC based technical references to a mobile smart device platform and has now established the Iplex PocketENGINEER™ portal App as a gateway for our clients to access design information.

PocketENGINEER™ is accessible via smart phone, tablet or internet connected PC and is offered free of charge to users who registered for use and accept a disclaimer. The App is not available through iTunes or Google Play but can be accessed at www.pocketengineer.com.au

Over time, Iplex will expand the range of design tool Apps provided through PocketENGINEER™. Those presently provided are:

Flexible Pipe Deflection Tool

Based on the validated results of field testing undertaken by the European Plastics Pipe and Fitting Association and CEN/TS 15223, this tool provided designers with a prediction of average and maximum deflection of pipes installed under a range of conditions that covered the majority of installation conditions. Whilst this approach is applicable in the majority of flexible pipe installations, it has not been validated for every possible     condition.

The conditions for which the Flexible Pipe Deflection Tool’s predictions are validated:

  • Pipe stiffness >2kN/m2 (SN2)

  • Depth of cover 0.8m to 6.0m

  • Traffic load all cases

  • Ground water all cases

  • Pipe diameter <DN1100

  • Soil types granular to cohesive

  • Depth of cover : Diameter ratio >2

  • Installation conditions: Well compacted, moderately compacted and non-compacted embedment

Where a particular installation condition cannot comply with the above criteria an alternate method of structural assessment based on AS/NZS 2566.1 should be utilised.

Chemical Resistance Tool

The Chemical Resistance Tool utilises data drawn from industry reference sources including AS/NZS 2032 and AS/NZS 2033, Poly Pipe Institute, PIPA, FIP and +GF+ Piping Systems chemical resistance guidelines. Chemicals can be selected alphabetically or searched for by name and results are returned for chemical effect at 25° and 60°C; in some cases a range of concentrations are also provided. Pipe materials listed are PVC, PE, PP and pipe seal materials EPDM, Nitrile and FPM (Viton™).


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