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Structural Design Tool

Iplex Pipeline Design is a program which enables users to undertake the structural design of a flexible pipeline which relies on soil side support to prevent excessive deflection, wall strain or buckling.

The program allows easy selection from a wide range of diameters, types and classes of Iplex pipe laid in all combinations of native soil and embedment materials. This enables designers to make quick comparisons of an unlimited variety of installation options.

Flexible pipelines laid in trenches or embankments are considered. The program calculates the predicted short (24 hrs) and long term (50 years) pipe response as a result of external loading and internal pressure. Traffic and other super-imposed loads are calculated as well as soil loads, hydrostatic pressure from ground water and internal vacuum conditions.

Iplex Pipeline Design is a program which enables the user to undertake the structural design of a flexible pipeline. Flexible pipes are those which can deform under vertical loading with safety. They rely primarily on soil side support to prevent excessive deflection and wall strain or buckling instability.

The program incorporates the Australian/New Zealand Standard 2566.1:1998 "Buried flexible pipelines Part 1: Structural Design" design procedure together with another two calculation options based on the German ATV A127 Code, and shown in the program as Iplex design methods.
When a selection is made and the calculation is complete a printout shows all relevant inputs and results.
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